Is Vin Diesel Black?

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Nope, Vin Diesel is not black

Many people are curious of the multicultural mystery that is Vin Diesel. Is Vin Diesel black? Is Vin Diesel white? Is he mocachino? I have been requested to find out Vin Diesel's ambiguous racial derivation, so I will.

It didn’t take long. First thing I did was googled “Vin Diesel”. Then I clicked images. And on close inspection of the great and shiny expanse that is his head, I could see that Vin Diesel is not black, but does have black characteristics and a hella good tan.

So is Vin Diesel Black? To be honest it all depends how you would class a black man. Vin Diesel does have black ancestry, but that doesn’t make him black in my opinion. His skin colour is too light, he has a Latino look to him and he’s half Italian.

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